Thursday, 15 October 2015

The little things

The sewing machine and my paper stash is in the corner and there's my flower press dad made for me

We've been having some nice weather of late. There was a late thunderstorm the previous few days and that seemed to cool things down, although you can feel the heat.

I was asked in comments to show my stash...I'm not sure what kind of impression I am giving when I talk about buying bits and pieces, I hope it's not a hoarder impression...although, I could reach that level.

So let me take you through a tour of my room. As most of you know I am now with my parents caring for them which meant when I moved out of my last home a lot of my things were placed in a storage shed. So I do have a house hold full of things in a shed packed up as well as craft stash. I've been with my parents for about eight years (?) or so. And over time I have decluttered and changed this room around heaps of times. I have a love/hate relationship going on with it.

The desk was a recent purchase. I needed it and as you know me I never paid much for this, it was $50. The desk is actually a child's desk but because I am hobbit size this suits me just fine. I have things mostly organized...baskets at the top for fabric scraps and paper scraps and potpourri. Magazines next shelf. Stuff in jars and bowls for potpourri and my stamps in boxes where the art is hanging ( I have that there to see how it looks as I just finished it.) Under neath the desk is a small drawer set for stickers and folders for my stamps. The other shelves and drawers have more arty stuff. Near the bottom corner you can see my crazy quilt rolled up waiting to be worked on.

Turning around is the other side of the room. Under the bed is the hard back books (I recently rearranged this) and a few plastic boxes with fabric. My computer where I am now.The pink plastic drawer thing is filled with tea towels, pillow slips and such for embroidery on top of that is a draw full of ribbons and laces. The bed side table has plastic containers for embroidery thread and the drawers for hair slides, brushes, my brooches, and such. I'm not really a makeup/clothes gal, in short very low maintenance I just get what I need to do in the bathroom and go from there. If things get too cluttery in my room I generally do a clean out, either a chuck, a trip to the thrift stores with the stuff or I pack up a box of stuff I really want and send it to the storage shed.

On my desk is some ACEO cards and zines getting made up.

And then there's what's happen when I get a bee in my bonnet to deep clean and rearrange.

So there's my tour of my tiny room and stash. Oh, the cupboard has some clothes and more fabric material.

Moving stuff around

I hope every one is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. This is fabulous Shiralee! I love the wood and white corner desk with storage over. No hoarder stuff to worry about, it is clear that you use it as resources and you do such great work. This post helps us visualise you being creative in your 'world' - love it! Thanks you for sharing.

  2. Great lot of rearrangement going on! It's difficult to fit everything into one room at the best of times, so I think you are doing well! I have my Dad down with us at present from Rosewood in Qld & I'm an old Brissie girl myself!