Monday, 1 May 2017

handmade potholder

Day 12 living without

This is a no spend day.

I made these potholders a while back. They are hand painted but the bunny mother's dress is appliqué fabric and made to look painted. The painted part finished up very nice but I really should have used much thicker material for the batting inside, I used flannel and that's way too thin. Lesson learnt.

All of the fabric came from thrift stores and didn't cost much.

How To Make A Potholder

You will need a top piece. A batting. A backing. And a strip of fabric for the hanger.

The backing fabric faces right side to the right side of the top piece of fabric.

The batting goes over the backing fabric.

To make the hanging tab, fold a strip of fabric one side to the middle...

Then the other side to meet... You can pin it to hold it in place.

Then fold over the strip and sew.

Place the hanging tab in the corner of the potholder ( left hand side) And facing in towards the front piece of fabric. Make sure you pay attention to how you have this hanging tab placed or you'll have it on the wrong side. I speak from experience. You can pin all the layers and have a pin to hold the hanging tab.

Sew all around the potholder, making sure to capture the hanging tab. Leave a little opening on the sides. Trim away the corners to reduce bulk.  Turn right side out making sure to poke out the corners nicely. 

You can slip stitch the opening closed. Or when you top stitch around the front of the potholder make sure you capture the opening with your sewing to close the gap. 

And that is how I make my pot holders. Just don't use flannel for your batting and you should be good to use a pretty potholder to rest hot items on to protect your benches or to grab a hot pot lid or handle.  Of course always be careful.

These potholders are about six and half inches square.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Shiralee they are lovely. I think I have one in my cupboard from a swap. I will have to find it and use it in my blog posts as it is too nice to use. LOL!

    1. Nanna Chel,
      I did use them in the Simple Living Toowoomba swap :) You'll know how thin they are. And you should use them! That's what they are for.
      - Shiralee.