Friday, 30 November 2018

The Vintage Way

It’s been a while since I last posted in the blog! Time to dust away the cobwebs and start posting again.

Since I’ve been away, I’ve being collecting articles from 1939 to continue with learning about the time. In September, war was announced. In December thoughts of Christmas and making life bright for the home are being written about. For many men, conscription has started but in Australia the rations hasn’t begun yet. 

As I move into the end of the year, I begin to think about what I want for next year. Obviously I’m continuing the vintage way of life. Because I’ve only really touched on the 1939 life style this year, my plans are to take up a whole year of living 1939 during next year. I can put into proper use a lot of articles I have saved. There will be more home made meals, hand made, and garden talk. 

In the December newspapers the women’s sections are now encouraging making use of the kitchen garden and having a few cut flower beds to take flowers in the home to make the living areas cheery. I’ve begun preparing beds in my small backyard to move up from potted containers to make a kitchen garden and a little area for cut flowers. I’ll still keep use of some of the pots to plant in cut flowers and more herbs.

With the move towards a vintage living, I find myself replacing a lot of modern items such as plastic and using more textiles. I’m lucky enough to have been gifted a lot of old doiley’s, found many in thrift stores, and made a few myself. I’ve cleaned out clutter to replace items which have a useful purpose. I’ve returned to lining bedroom drawers with scented paper and handmade potpourri sachets. 

In the kitchen the table has cloth napkins and tablecloths to replace the plastic tablecloths and using less paper towels. In the 1939 kitchen there’s still a lot of meals using expensive meat cuts and rich desserts because rations aren't in effect. Now in December, the home sections are encouraging not to waste in the kitchen. It is starting to turn to the ‘Make do and mend’ wartime thinking. 

With making use of what I have in mind there will be more embroidery and handmade items. I have a few things I want to finish many of the items are for the home use. I have some new transfers too particularly from the early 40’s which I will also include as I post. 
Me as a child with mum and dad's mother, my grandmother. Both these ladies grew up and raised families without modern trappings. This is 1977 before cell phones and the internet! The dial phone was on the wall, you walked to it, and you answered it without knowing who was calling! You can see the old chest freezer in the background.

I’m looking forward to making more use of 1939 menu planning, the kitchen garden, and home sewing. I don’t want to live exactly like they did in the past but I hope to learn how those before me did live without fast past technology, faster takeaways, and less reliance on consuming supermarket goods. In this day and age, it is a good idea to learn how to live without our modern trappings to be prepared for  not only when the grid goes down, but when we can’t get the necessary items we are so used to thinking is available on tap.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Thank you for sharing the info you have researched. I think this is fascinating to go back to 1939 and try to live according to that time. I was born in the 50's, long after the great depression and the end of the war so I have no recollection of these times. I look forward to reading more about your findings. Enjoy your day, Pat 🌹

    1. Thanks for the comment Pat. I really appreciate the technology we have now that lets us research these times. There's so much to find!

  2. My sister was a couple of years old then, Shiralee. A little before my time too. Things were quite different in those days and the war did make a huge difference too. I can still remember my parents talking about it.

  3. Nanna Chel, the time seemed to be a lot better than today but I think they had just as much stress as we do. Particularly when the war came in. Either way Australia did have more going for it at the time because it did produce so much of its own.
    Hope you are getting things finished up with the reno's and trying to stay out of the heat and wind!