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Floral charm

This is a very frugal and simple lesson in how to make a tea cup bouquet of your own to pretty up your home. You will need a tea cup and saucer of your liking. Then gather a handful of small flowers and foliage to match your bouquet. Some people like to add florist foam or chicken wire in the bottom of their containers to hold the flowers, I just let the stems of the flowers hold everything in. Add some water in the bottom of the tea cup to begin with. 

The next step is to take off all the foliage that will sit in the water. Then take your small largest flowers you have and arrange them in the teacup first. Tea cup bouquets are dainty, your flowers and foliage should match the dainty quality.

Next add in your foliage until you are happy with the look of how they are arranged. Herb foliage can be used if that is all you have.
Then begin to arrange any smaller flowers you have around your bouquet. I used some small white climbing roses we have growing and some alyssum.

Before you know …

Old fashioned

The weather of late has been really enjoyable, along with the garden displays from various houses as I finally get into starting my walking again. I'm really loving all the pretty flowers coming out now. Spring is very soon.

I've been decorating envelopes and packing up small goodies to send off. I always hand write my letters even if my hand writing is awful I think it is still readable. One letter is to America and the two other's are to my Aunt's. They live just around the corner ( it will be interesting to see how long it takes the letters to get to them...if they get there at all!) but I think they'd like something nice in the mail box, don't you? Do you send letters? Why not start sending a card, a note, something for a cup of tea or something sweet if they like that. Even family would like something snail mail.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

Pizza Base

The weather of late has been really lovely, a little chilly in the morning but it soon fines up enough with all the tell tale signs spring is just around the corner. In the kitchen we have been enjoying home made pizza using fresh herbs from the garden. I first learnt this recipe at the Simple Living workshops when they were doing cooking lessons. It is still my favorite recipe from those lessons, along with the curried sausage recipe.


1 1/3 cup Plain Flour ½ teaspoon salt 1 dessertspoon sugar 1 teaspoon yeast 1 tablespoon olive oil ½ cup warm water Cooking spray
PREHEAT OVEN TO 180 degrees.
Combine, flour, salt, sugar & yeast into a large bowl, mix well. Pour oil & warm water into dry ingredients. Use a flat blade knife to mix into a ball and kneed into dough while still in the bowl. Lightly flour bench, turn out dough using a rolling pin roll out to desired size or flatten with hand. Don’t overwork the dough, roll lightly. The less handling the better the re…

Nursery Mother


As promised here is the pattern and instructions for making the Mother Goose baby crib quilt. This quilt is very easy to put together as it uses large squares for the background and simple applique, and easy embroidery. 

You will need: Sewing thread Heat n Seal (Iron on bonding material) – Lite Fabric scraps. Cottons. Fabric can be what ever you have on hand. Old dresses. Baby clothes. Pillow cases. Sheets.  Batting. I used an old flannel sheet. Backing fabric. Once again, bed sheet. Embroidery needle. Embroidery thread.
Step 1: Cut your fabric scraps into 6 ½ inch squares. Find a space to spread out your squares ( the top of a bed works fine). Arrange your squares as you like using five squares across and six squares down ( total of thirty squares). Sew your squares one at a time, right sides facing to make a row of five squares across. When sewing use the same seam allowance for all your seams.
Press your seams with your iron. 
Sew your r…

Mother Goose

While the weather has been cold and today very foggy, I have been making some baby blankets for my driving instructor. She gave me some scrap and I added some scraps and pretty soon I had two crib blankets ready for new born twins- a boy and a girl. I brought nothing for theses blankets and used what I had. For the batting in the quilt I used a thrift store stripy flannel blanket (the stripes can be seen through some of the fabric but I didn't mind). They are very simple to make and I hope to give instructions for one soon.

I used a simple four patch and one patch for the 'Cow jumped over the moon'.

The cow uses some of the fabrics already in the quilt. Do you spy that piece of white fabric with red roses, yes, it's the same one I used for my bonnet gals tea towels! I still have fabric left over. I also added some applique stars around the cow quilt.

For Mother Goose, I used old pillow cases and some of the scraps used in the cow for Mother's dress, hat, and shoe.…

Winter yellow's

Winter finally arrived, cold and frosty. My kind of weather. I love Autumn and Winter. I've been kept busy and pottering around at home as always. A stomach virus hit home and everyone was layed low for a while with that but now things are improving and hopefully I can start blogging again.

The rose is from dad's roses, the last before he pruned them. This one opened up by the kitchen window and gives a wonderful scent. It now is drying in pot potpourri.

I've also been painting. Just a few small ideas here and there. 

A little bit of stitching has been happening on various projects.

Chicken soup for happiness and health of course.

Washing up. As usual.

Ideas for my paintings. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.