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Summer days

The scorching weather has inspired a marathon of cool drinks, indoor pursuits under the nearest avaliable fan or the air con, and delving into books while resting under said fans. Quiet activities fill my time and I take delight in simple things. Early morning light, sitting under a shade tree in the summer heat and cool interior surroundings. 
An evergreen herb I simply love. There are so many uses for it, fresh cooking, for hair both as hair growth and steeped as a hair rinse to give dark hair a shine, repelling Mosquito’s, and for steam treatment for throat and flu issues.  The Rosemary growing in a pot just out side the back door from the kitchen has grown over the years, although if the myth is true it won’t grow any more in height now as it never grows taller than the height of Jesus when he was alive.

For my pursuits in Rosemary and herbs I began with a simple hair rinse. I recycled an old maple syrup bottle, cleaned off the label and pour the Rosemary water into the…