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simply home

The weather is starting to turn more towards winter. I think it's still a mild winter, but July will soon tell if we are having much of a winter at all. The mornings are foggy and chilly but the days warm up nicely. We had an uncle and aunt visit, mum's brother and sister in law. It was nice to see mum using some of the 'good china' she has in boxes for the table. I don't think anyone noticed we were using a Christmas tablecloth for the table. Shhh, don't tell.

Before everyone came mum was showing me some old photos. The gentlemen and the lady at the top are Mrs B and Boad, mums mother and father who have passed on. I've seen two of the photos before but the black and white one interested me the most. The lady in the middle (Grandma Warner) of those two young boys was my Great Grandmother, mum's grandmother; who has also passed on. The boy next to the house picture now lives in the house. I find it always interesting to see family time lines like that.…

heartfelt time

The weather looks like it is about to bring in some rain, I hope to get a walk in this afternoon before it does. Meanwhile I've been checking the flowers in my homemade flower press and noted some of them I recently pressed are nicely pressed ready to be used for some projects. I brought a couple of items from the thrift store thinking they would work well with pressed flowers added to them. This small timber clock I brought for about two dollars and I unscrewed the back to prepare it for the flowers. I made a 'dry' run of the floral arrangement before I glued the pressed flowers down. When happy with the arrangement I glued the flower arrangement down and I added a thin coat of artist varnish and put the clock back together. All the clock needs is a new battery. This will make a nice frugal Christmas gift for someone.
For more information on pressed flowers visit my link to: The art of pressing flowers 

I've also been looking at Youtube video's about Quilt Bed Tu…

gathering fragments

The first day of winter arrived here on Sunday although you'd be hard pressed to find anything winterish about it. The day was chilly but overall very nice and not at all like winter. I think the garden is confused with the weather as we still have roses blooming lovely in the yard. We've also had a glut of beans, peas and cherry tomatoes. The peas hardly make it off the vine and into the kitchen with every one just wandering down to the back yard for a nibble.

Things have been busy of late. There's been a few doctor's appointments with the elders and myself, mostly checkups. Apparently I need to change my non-existent exercise habit, to be fair, I walk, just not enough.To improve feeling tired and mostly run down I need to get moving. I also think this tiredness is part of the hysterectomy and menopause but I'll get moving more to see if that improves things. To sum up: I'm 47 years old and I feel at least 110. So walking is on the agenda. Other things on the…

Small Sayings

O sing to the Lord a new song. -Psalms 96.1

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

Home Life

The weather has been quite nice of late. A few chilly mornings with some frost but the days have been rather glorious. Not at all like winter but we still have another month or two to go before winter really ends and spring arrives in September.  Dad's garden has been giving us some winter harvests. Peas. The last of the cherry tomatoes. Radishes. There's also Zucchini to come too. 

The geranium I brought home from the last Simple Living swap has been planted and is blooming lovely. 

The other day I went over to the patchwork shop just around the corner from me, to buy some hexie shapes for a project someone wants me to do. More on that later. The paper shapes weren't too badly priced and I justify spending money on what really is cardboard I could cut up by myself is the fact these can be re-used. As I was going into the shop I saw Nanna Chel driving around towards her least I can say I never did buy the whole shop.

The hand piecing for the Kansas Dugout is al…

Peaceful home

The temperature dropped today as forecast and if you happened to be up early enough you'd have seen frost on the ground. I saw the frost after it had started to thaw leaving behind glittering jewel drops. While the day was cold it was still nice enough.  For supper tonight we are having Salmon Rissoles...the recipe is below.

INGREDIENTS Potatoes Butter Breadcrumbs Pink or red salmon drained and flaked 4 green onions chopped Zest and juice of 1 lemon 1 egg Flour for rolling Vegetable oil
Cook potatoes in saucepan until tender. Drain. Mash with butter until smooth and season to taste.
Add breadcrumbs, salmon, green onions, lemon zest and juice, and egg. Mix well. Allow to cool slightly. Shape into patties. Roll in flour shaking off excess.

Heat oil in frying pan on high. Cook patties in 2 batches for 5-6 minutes, turning once, until golden and heated through. Drain on paper towel.

We served up supper with steamed beans and this variation of a Cauliflower Bake,