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Sending Sunshine

I made some bright cards to warm up winter days. For the cards I used KaiserCraft 6x6 Lush paperpad collection. The flower stamp is from a free kit on a magazine and the stamp set is called Nitwit collection. I used a watercolor technique to color the stamp flowers and for the leaves I just cut out a left over flower. The letters are felt letters from the cheap store and the little lady bug puffy sticker is also from the same place. The scalloped borde is from my making memories slice cartridge: Salutations. While the border is cut out at onl 4 inch I did join two together to make them longer. You can see where I did that in the two bottowm close up images. Next time I'll try to be a bit less obvious with how I join the scallopes.

Old and New Vintage Blue

Old thrifted vintage and new acrylic paintings tie together the color blue. An old favourite color of mine. Painting is also another old favourite I return to time after time. Painting and drawing is close to my heart and memories of fond young adult/childhood dreams of living in Paris as an artist and dreaming of Impressionist artists. Ah, those Impressionist painters do you know them? I sure you do, my favourite is Renior. And of course I do like Post Impressionist painters like Van Gogh, everyone no doubt knows of him. His paintings of blue skies and yellow sunflowers was in my mind when I choose the colors for this painting.

Sunshine with a chance of rain.

Old and new things being looked at and thought about. A old brooch, while not thrifted, still has been in my collection for a while. I brought it because it has my two favourite things, butterflies and the colour blue. The tin garden butterfly is of a pair, though different colors, they decorate the wall outside our house. I'm starting to see those tin garden wall decorations come back but I still prefer the older style. We have peacocks tin ones too, but they are packed away some where.
Packed away too was my fabric, I'm playing with it again. I am preparing a sun shine-y cushion to brighten a dull corner. I am loving the butter yellows and gingham blues they can't help but be cheerful.

lavender and roses

Some people don't like the smell of lavender I do, they are my favourite cottage flower. I think mostly because so much can be done with them and they are useful too like most herb and cottage flowers. For lavender to grow so big  takes a long time and those lavender flower bushes are from a senior citizen garden down from my house. I have lavender in pots, well, my dad does; they are mine I asked him to plant some for me as I have a brown thumb.
I have more success 'growing' flowers on craft things like the art tag. The rolled roses are brought ones but they are simple enough to make. The butterfly is from my making memories slice cartridge Vintage Findings. I used some mesh bling from Shar's secret santa gift to me from last year. And the image is one from a google search. All the leaves ont the tag are from thrift brought silk flowers. I used for the tag itself Tim Holtz die tag and embossed with Divine Swirls folder I just recently brought. It really is an all ro…


To create the flower I used a heart shaped stamp. I stamped the heart enough time for the amount of petals I needed. The heart stamp images was then cut out and the first layer was added to a small cardboard circle - point of heart facing in. I then layered each layer to create the full flower afterwards I curled the edges. To finish I added a small crochet flower with a pearl to the center. Easy!

Winter Findings

Winter findings: Long shadows. Clear skies. Fallen berries. The sun is out but there is enough lazy wind to remind winter is around. A lazy wind is too lazy to go around you and just blows straight through your body. Finding a warm sheltered place brings a quiet happiness.

Five and fifty

Thrift store findings with warmer thoughts in mind. And the type of wintery weather meant for doing things in doors, like cross stitching and dreaming about summer days in fields warmed by the sun. It's the type of weather for cosying up to christmas ideas.

From me to you

Half a dozen cards to use up scraps and try out new things. The shaker card was simple enough and something I will try again. A majority of the papers are from KaiserCraft. All the other little odds and ends came from my stash, you know the bits that are left over from other projects.