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Spring thoughts

"One swallow doesn’t make a summer but for gardeners, the first sprig of jasmine makes it spring."
Spring is here, and we've had some really lovely weather to bring it on. I feel the weather has been a bit on the chilly side the last couple of days, nothing like winter weather at all though. 

The lurgy that has been hanging around our house finally seem to have gone and we are all back to eating more home cooked meals. Lamb neck chops are always a favorite in stew, it never last long. With the change in weather and now things are warming up we'll change over to more salads and the like later on and hot meals will be less.

I haven't had much chance to do any large paintings, and by large I don't mean very large, I usually stay around A4 size canvas's, but little Artist Trading Card size paintings (the size of a playing card) helps me with keeping painting going.

I'm also tackling that UFO basket of sewing items I want to get finished some time this cen…

Old Petrie Town

We've had some rain during the night and during the day it has been really nice weather. On Sunday my aunt and I took advantage of the nice weather and we went for a drive to go look at the markets in Old Petrie town.  The place is very lovely, with old restored cottage houses for some of the shops in main street. There are also a few museums to go look at too.

The Ole Lollie shop is a good visit to pick out some old fashioned lollie favourites. 

One of the cottages had a lot of old fashioned hats on display There was lots of bric a brac, books, and the like.

I liked this rag rug basket, but I think I'll be making one of my own instead of buying one. Looks pretty easy to make.

We had a quick tour of the fire station which had a few room displays set up from days of past.

 I like the bicycle in the fire masters bedroom.

And the common room kitchen had a few things I recognize my Grand parents used to use. Overall, I really enjoyed the time I spent wandering around looking. It i…

Humble Potato

Best tips for Mash Potatoes

For light, fluffy mashed potatoes stick with using starchy potatoes. A ‘All rounder’ Potato that also fries, boils, roasts, mash is a good choice to keep in the kitchen as they are more versatile) Types include Golden Delight, Dutch Cream, or Sebago. Add seasoning to the water at the start of cooking potatoes. Start with cold water about an inch above the potatoes and place the pot on the stove and begin cooking, bring the water to a rolling boil. Test the potatoes with a fork if soft, they are done. Butter and milk added to potatoes should be at least room temperature. Try not to over work the potatoes, which will make the mash, gummy and unappetizing.
Mash Potatoes Recipe

Peel Potatoes Cut into even chunks Add salt and pepper to water Bring to boil and boil until the potatoes are soft (test with a fork. If they fall away from the fork they are done)
Strain the water from the potatoes and place the potatoes in a bowl. Add butter, and a dash of milk, salt an…

House notes

Record Keeping _______________________________

The art of keeping a record of the home has a long history. Many have recorded in writings the happenings in their daily lives, births, deaths, marriages, hints, recipes, garden notes, along with items purchased and sold. Journals of the past were well worn collections of the highs and lows of making a house a home, and became mementos of the work efforts of past generations.
Record keeping is a helpful tool for all households. There are many ways to record information needed to upkeep the home. A good tip for starting record keeping is to have three books; one is a working note book. The working note book is used for information you find but haven’t used yet. The working note book is a book to scribble down anything you think is useful. The next book is a day book; this is for any daily happens, from daily expenditures, to weather, to garden stocktaking, family happenings and the like. The third book is a final book of sorts, this is where…

Summer memories

BOOK MARK ____________________________________________

This charming book mark uses a length of heavy card stock, which is decorated with a wide satin ribbon and pressed flowers, then backed with thin card. It is covered on both sides with a protective layer of clear plastic film. Choose the colours of the ribbon to complement the colours of the flowers.

You will need: A length of 4cm (11/2 inches) wide satin ribbon. The book mark measures 29cm (11 1/2 inches) long. Pressed flowers. Thin card cut cut a little wider than the wide ribbon ( see image) , wet glue, tweezers.

Method: Arrange ribbon on the card, cut the ends into a point and glue the ribbon down. Then arrange the pressed flowers using a paintbrush with glue, and tweezers, fit the pressed flowers around the ribbon to make a pleasing pattern. Finally cover the book mark with a clear plastic film (contact or have the book mark laminated with a laminating machine, make a few more book marks so you don’t waste the laminating sheet…

Bright Spring

Spring is almost here. We've had a few foggy, cloudy days, but no real rain to speak of. The flu has been hanging around, but I seemed to have shook it off. Since my hysterectomy last year I've been having issues with bad dry skin and itching, so I was prescribed Promethanzine. The last couple of days have been awful with the itching so I took, a bit of one tablet ( I can't take a full one as it knocks me out) and the funny thing is not only did it stop the terrible itching but it seemed to have killed off the flu. Maybe I am kidding myself, either way it's nice to be flu free.

The monthly jumble sale was on, which is just around the corner from us. I came home with a new sewing basket. For $2, I don't think I could have said no. I like this one as it is deep. The lady serving me told me she was happy someone brought it as it used to belong to her and was her first sewing basket. 
The teapot embroidery is for a Luncheon cloth, there's one pot in each corner. T…

Gentle pursuits

Today was really nice weather, even if I didn't get out side much. It was a good day for doing the laundry and there was some chicken soup to be had. I've also managed to do some stitching on my crazy quilt. 

Victorians considered spider webs were for luck and always included a spider web on their elaborate crazy quilts. While I was stitching this spider web I was contemplating what was lucky about spider webs. If you've ever ran into one you know it's not so lucky. Or seen a huge spider dart across the room and disappear leaving you wonder where it went...not so lucky. I concluded perhaps it had something to do with the thought the Victorians considered it lucky because a spider was industrious and busy all the time, they did value work. I think I'm going to be busy with this crazy quilt as there is still yards of fabric left to stitch, it fits the top of a double bed. I just want to be able to say: Oh, yes I finished one of those quilts! It won't be pretty, …

Caring for the carer

___________________________________________________ WHAT TO DO WHEN THE CARE GIVER BECOMES SICK ___________________________________________________ 
There comes a time when every household falls to an illness of some kind. The illness can be severe or mild depending on the circumstances when a family member becomes ill, the care giver of the home can look after them. What happens when the main care giver falls ill?
Planning ahead for these times is most effective way to be ready. Becoming in poor health is not a matter of ‘if” but ‘when’. A simple plan can help prevent too much of a major disruption to the routine of the family home.
The first step is to prepare the medicine cabinet. The most common household illness is the flu. Make sure there is a good stock of supplies to treat the most common of  flu symptoms: Fever, headache, cough, muscle aches, sore throat, and runny or stuffy nose. Include in your kit: fever and pain relievers. Cough syrups and drops. Nasal sprays. Decongesta…

Simple happiness

Windy August arrived, and we've been having a mixed bag of weather. I think the changes in weather has brought on the flu that seems to be doing the rounds. I've been sick with the flu and that leaves me puttering around at home taking it easy.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had the flu, probably why this one really hit hard.

I spent today recently changing the look of my blog, with a new header and background. I've also updated the library links at the top adding in new links I needed to include. I've added a few more home making titles as I would like to focus on those aspects of creating a home as well. 

I have some writing I would like to start as a home making series to add to the new links. I expect I'll be able to get that series going shortly.

As usual there is some crafting but not much. I've been trying to get the ufo's finished in the basket of sewing I have. This flu really takes it out of a gal.

I hope everyone is having a good…

Heart n Soul

The weather changed and we had a bit of a cold snap. I did the mistake of walking in the cold wind and ended up finally getting the lurgy that's been lurking around our place. I'm all sniffles and snuffles consuming hot lemon water and honey. Meanwhile I'm playing with paper. For these book marks I used an old Thomas Kincade calendar my aunt gave me.

This are part of a e-swap. Which means you send something electronic to your swap partner. For this we had to choose a scripture from the book of Joshua. I chose: "Make sure you obey the law that Moses commanded you: Love the Lord your God, do his will, obey his commandments, be faithful to him, and serve him with all your heart and soul." - Joshua 22 : 5

Of course, I'm always the odd duck in the pond who does everything different.

 So instead of just sending a link with an image made by someone else.

I used the images to create book marks of the things my swap partners like. I'm in the mood to make more book …