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Bloggy Break

I will be taking a small blog break for the month of February. I will be working on home things while I am away. The month of February is going to be less time on the computer and tending to life without thinking about blogging. I won't be commenting around but rest assured I'm fine and I'll be out walking Mister Simba and crafting away as usual. A few of you will no doubt see me at the Simple Living Toowoomba workshops so I will catch up then with some of you. The rest of y'all I will catch up in comments around March.

Be kind.  And I hope every one is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

Pretty dolly

While the weather has been over cast with rain,  I have been indoors creating at my desk. I've been using up some of my scrap stash to make these dolly peg sachets. They are very simple to make and look so cute when finished. They also are practical as they hang on coat hangers in the cupboard and the scent keeps moths away.

To Make: You will need some Craft pegs and ear bud cleaners (You can use pipe cleaners if you like) Paint the faces as you please, hair and flesh is painted and details like eyes, nose, mouth are drawn in with pencil. Add a little blush to cheeks with a coloured pencil.  Curve the ear bud cleaner around the peg to form arms (I used hot glue gun to keep my cleaner in place. Ink up the cotton bud part with some flesh coloured ink. Then wrap some fabric washi tape around where the arm sticks out. Add some lace. This is the 'sleeve' of your dolly peg gown. Make a bag, sew up the sides leaving a little gap at the top. Place your pegs inside and fill with dr…

Potpourri: Introduction

Naturally fragrant botanical materials have been used since before Egyptian times to perfume households. This use, with variations, continues to the present day. The name we have given to this fragrant craft is potpourri. There are two methods of making potpourri, the moist and dry methods. Of these, the dry method is the only one suitable for fragrant craft work. 

To make a potpourri, three things are needed – flowers, fragrance and fixative. To be appealing and useful, a potpourri must look good and retain a pleasant fragrance almost indefinitely.  The important thing to remember though is that both visual and fragrant appeal are personal, what you like others may not. Flowers give colour and form, not necessarily fragrance. They must be fully dry. Quick drying directly in the sun accentuates colour but minimises fragrance. A drying rack retains fragrance but minimises colour. Select a range of flowers and proportion them in the mix so the variation of colour and form is eye catchi…

Australia day

All I can say about the weather right now is can we have winter now. I suppose it was a good day for Australia Day celebrations and to end the summer holidays for school kids.  I thought some might like to know about the meaning of my name Shiralee, a very Australian name. They made two movies of Niland's book The Shiralee, which are very good to watch.
THERE was a man who had a cross and his name was Macauley. He put Australia at his feet, he said, in the only way he knew how. His boots spun the dust from its roads and his body waded its streams. The black lines on the map, and the red, he knew them well. He built his fires in a thousand places and slept on the banks of rivers. The grass grew over his tracks, but he knew where they were when he came again. He had two swags, one of them with legs and a cabbage-tree hat, and that one was the main difference between him and others who take to the road, following the sun for their bread and butter. Some have dogs. Some have horses. So…

To Ponder

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are

Slow days

The day started out very over cast and remained like it for the rest of the day. Thankfully we are still having some really nice cool weather and the drop of rain we did have seemed to perk all the greens up a little. The over cast weather meant it was not a good day for taking photographs while waiting for snails to come out of their shells.

The potted herbs are enjoying the bit of rain we did have. They don't look so wilted.

It's good weather for pottering around inside and doing a bit of cleaning and sorting as I usually do. I now have a few boxes packed up for storage. I think there will be some more yet. But not as many as I used to have. If it is, I'll be going through things again for a de-clutter.

And a little return to my favorite love, painting. Little dolly faces to make up as sachets for the lavender I dried a while back. I've been wanting to get back to painting. Soon. My sketch books are getting full of ideas.

I hope every one is having a good day or eve…

Scrap life

Today was very over cast and raining which cooled things down once again. It really is more like autumn weather rather than summer. I'm enjoying this weather a lot more than the weather we have been having. It should be obvious I don't like the heat. I like summer just not the heat we have been experiencing.  With the rain about I organised a few sewing projects I want to finish up. I have a basket full that needs to be done, hopefully some time this century. The teapot supper cloth is progressing along slowly. 

I also have a cardboard box where I toss scraps of fabric that I know I can do something with even the smallest piece I use a technique called crumb piecing to make use of. Most of these end up in a crazy quilt block but I have been sewing together these diamond shapes. I intend to paper piece them together but haven't thought of a design I like. The star arrangement below is traditional. These shapes are like a string quilt but I arranged them based on a crazy qu…

Home grown

The weather today was mostly a mix bag of windy, warm, and a spattering of rain. This is the kind of weather I like. Today was the day for the Jumble sale at the Baptist Church around the corner where I live. A short walk and I'm looking through items and trying not to bring home half the contents of the sale. I was good and came home with a couple of white sheets I can use for embroidery and some sort of baby blanket fleece I'm thinking of making up into a bear or something. I also brought two magazines, as well as two 750 jigsaw puzzles sets and called it a day leaving without a grand total of $5.

I also reused some timber stuff Dad had laying around the backyard and headed off to his tool shed to make these plant signs. Needless to say me sawing and hammering isn't one of the most elegant things to be seeing so it was good I was in the shed out of sight. Of course I am cautious of tools so no fingers were bashed or lost in the making of plant signs. I painted the sign…

Nice thoughts

The weather today has been really nice. It's been overcast and lovely and cool. Did I mention cool? No mugginess today either. It's nice sort of weather and good for pottering around to do things.

I've been playing with my paper. Making up pages in a journal and also making some cards. Some times I like to use one stamp and see what I can do with it with other stamps. In these three cards I used KaiserCraft Miss Match set and used the teacup and doily. I also added Tim Holtz stamps on one card as well. The paper range is from my stash: Graphic 45, KaiserCraft, and some no name brands. I also used a KaiserCraft 'collectible scrap' from their old Christmas range on one of the cards. Nothing new, just using up the paper pads I do have. The ribbon trim is from the thrift store I brought in a large pack of short trims and the flowers and leaves also came from a pack from the thrift store both were no more than about $2. The thinking of you sentiment is from the dollar …

Tea time

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.

Summer Blue

We had another warm day today, but at least there was some breeze about to cool things down a bit. While I was out thrifting I noticed a lot of butterflies out and about. I came home with three books for five dollars so I think that was a good bargain. So much for decluttering. Oh well. I've also began working on a supper cloth I've been stitching for a while now. I used two old bed sheets for this. One in blue for the teapots which are in each corner and a white bed sheet for the cloth base.  The original pattern came from a late 1970's craft book and it was one that had to be scaled up. All the flowers or berries depending on how you look at it are done in French knots. The leaves will be done in satin stitch. I think that'll add a nice contrast. And I'll add a crochet border all around the hem of the supper cloth. If you didn't know, supper cloth is just an old fashioned word for table topper. I like the sound of supper cloth better.
I hope everyone is hav…

Home life

The weather today is what the older ladies in my family would say was: "A good drying day" Meaning it was fair, warm, windy sort of day; good for putting clothes out on the line to dry. Which I did. The house looked a bit shabby to me and while the parents were out for visits I set about cleaning. It's easy to romance homemaking cleaning chores but really cleaning is an awful job (to me at any rate). Especially in the heat. But I digress. The day was a good one too for opening all the windows and letting in fresh air. The laundry was done, along with the dusting and vacuuming and moping. Then every thing was taken off the line.
I'm not a perfectionist in anything but I try when it comes to cleaning. So I take a few hours getting into everything. I did mum and dad's room as I noticed it was looking a bit stale. My room was already much as I can with that room. I have a love hate relationship with it. I think right now I need to declutter again.

Egg collector

We had some rain today which helped cooled things down just a wee bit. With the rain about it was a good day to spend in doors. Some time ago I brought a rooster tea towel with a crochet hanging top from the markets. And slowly but surely I've been adding a few more items to the set and now it's finished. The Sun bonnet gal carrying eggs I had pinned on my Pinterest board: Sewing Basket for ages and finally printed her out and embroidered her. To be honest if I were to do this design again I'd either do her in applique or crayon tint. I think it looks alright with just embroidery alone but feels it's lacking something. I crochet two dishcloths to go with this set as well. The Pattern for the shells and post dishcloth can be found here. The checkered pattern I saw on a youtube video the name escapes me at the moment but I will add in the link as soon as I can think of it. The potholder hen pattern is from a page of drawings I did a long time ago for cross stitch desig…

Frugal simplicity

Right about now I think it would be nice to have some very cold weather or at least consistently cool weather. We've had another hot, cloudy and muggy day which is a bit of a contrast to other days we've been having. A couple of days ago I manage to take a photo of the Lilliput Zinnia's I planted. I didn't think these would come up, but there they are. My dad asked me what I did to plant them, he wanted to know if I stood from the back door and just chucked them into the bed because they are coming up every where in the bed. I think I watered them too hard and washed all the seeds here and there. Mostly, over there, where they shouldn't be if you get my meaning. So I know I can grow Zinnia's! At the moment I am drying rose petals and mint leaves for some sachets I want to do.  And there is some stitching for a kitchen set. I used one of my designs from little sketches I did a long time ago in a sketch book that was going to be used for Cross Stitch designs.  …