Sunday, 24 April 2016

Scented box

Scented fabric lined box


Craft box or recycled box of choice.
Potpourri of choice.
Thin cardboard. Use recycled board from cereal boxes.
Thin fabric batting. Old tea towel or dishcloth will work for batting. I used an old flannel blanket.
Craft glue suitable for material.

Optional: Memento Ink color of choice.


To begin trace the box shape inside onto paper for your template.
From the template cut one from thin cardboard. 
Using the template trace around on batting and fabric leaving enough to turn in the fabric around the cardboard.
Glue your batting to the cardboard. Snip in around the edges to smooth out the turning if your box is shaped. If it is square or rectangle simple turn in the edges paying attention to miter the corners without bulk. (Cut across the corner and turn in the edges to give a mired look).
Take your fabric and with wrong side facing the batting, glue into place, first add a a thin line of glue to the batting and then glue the fabric to the back by turning the edges of the fabric towards the back of the thin cardboard. Be sure to leave a gap to fill with potpourri.

To fill the shape, a bowl and spoon will be helpful. A funnel will also help but I didn't end up using mine. Spoon in the potpourri to fill the shape. Don’t over stuff. Keep the filling thin but padded. Fold over the opening towards the back of the cardboard and glue into place.

If preferred you can ink the edges of the fabric. I used Memento Ink in Lady Bug.

Cover the back of the thin cardboard with glue and glue into place. Press down around the edges and in the center to make sure the cardboard adheres well to the bottom of the box.

Your scented box is now ready to hold any items you like. 

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  1. What a lovely and simple idea, thank you Shiralee. Guida

  2. That is very nice and pretty, Shiralee. I hope you are getting ready to rug up as it has turned cool now at long last.