Sunday, 7 August 2016

Garden Markers

Spring weather is trying to make a showing. There were a few cold day, although, not really cold. With the warm weather a lot of things are starting to bloom and grow in my container gardens.

I saw these garden markers or plant pokes on line to buy and I thought to myself: Oh, I can make those. So I did. As always you know if I'm making something it will be frugal. The spoons are from the thrift store and depending on where you buy they are pretty cheap. These ones were a bit pricey at 50 cents but I liked the decoration down the spoons. They are all different size spoons but that works for me. 

The Basil I have growing came from an 'Italian Herb' mix from bunnings on sale. I also have a larger one growing amongst a tomato plant. The plant I picked up off the swap table from the simple living group and it surprisingly survived the winter. The Basil plant growing with that came from Dad's garden. 

The Parsley I have also is from Dad's garden. I changed it over from a smaller pot into a bigger pot. The pots I have came from an Aunt.

 The Rosemary is also a cutting from Dad's garden and the pot from the collection an Aunt gave me. 

The Thyme is planted in a vastly reduced in price terracotta pot I brought from bunnings. I thought $10 was a bargain. I brought that and dirt and some more plants out of the money I received for the baby quilt.

The Sage is from the Italian Herb mix I brought. The mix has Basil, Parsley (flat leaf), and Oregano.  I still have to give the markers another coat of indoor out door varnish to protect them against the weather, I can likely find that in Dad's shed.  If you want to make these, first paint  a base coat in Gesso. Then paint. Then varnish. I used an artist varnish but I do intend to use a good outdoor weather varnish to make sure the markers hold up in the weather.

Gardening can be expensive, but there are a lot of things you can get for free if you ask around or try your hand at making something your self too.

With Christmas advancing these plant markers would also make really nice gifts for a gardening friend.

Hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. The plant markers look good, Shiralee. You are always welcome to borrow my metal stamping set if you want to use up some energy by banging with a hammer :-)

    1. Nanna Chel,
      I still have the ones I made from the workshop. Dad and I agreed after that banging we wouldn't be doing it again :) Too much hard work!

  2. I love your plant markers, what a great idea. What sort of paint did you use? will it blister with watering?? You are such a clever girl. I love the weather, wish it was always like this, no hotter. Take care. Guida.

    1. Guida,
      The indoor out door varnish will stop them from blistering and protect them longer.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your garden markers. Such a nice way to add a special touch to the garden. ♥ Blessings & Hugs


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