Ruffled gift box

Make yourself a merry little Christmas. 24 days of gifts and makes to create a frugal home made Christmas.

Day twenty two:

Decorative cup cake box for gift box

You will need:
Old Christmas card
Narrow crepe paper
Sequin or bead trim
Cup cake box (found in the party decoration aisle of any cheap dollar store usually in a pack of six)
Gesso paint
Paint brush

Follow the instructions to make up the cup cake box.
Reinforce the box by gluing where it is made up.
Paint the box in gesso
Begin using the crepe paper by making pleats by folding and gluing to form each pleat. This forms a ruffle. Add this around the top and bottom of box. 
Let dry.
Glue a Christmas card front onto the front of the box.
Arrange sequin trim around the Christmas card and glue down.
Make a bow out of the crepe paper and glue down.
Paint inside the box with a nice colour of paint.
Let dry.

Add your present inside the box.

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