Stamped and embroidery

Make yourself a merry little Christmas. 24 days of gifts and makes to create a frugal home made Christmas.

Day twenty one:

Gift cushion

You will need:

Fabric for your cushion front
Fabric for your cushion back
A stamp design of your choice
Embroidery thread to match the fabric on the front
Usual embroidery sewing kit ( needle, thread/floss, scissors)
Inks that are used for stamping on fabric
Toy stuffing

Decided on size of cushion and work out how you want to arrange your fabric.
Sew up your cushion front and iron

Stamp your design onto fabric of choice (cotton works best)
Embroider some or all of the stamp design. Simple stitches work best and finish up quickly.
With fabric front and fabric back facing wrong sides together sew around the cushion leaving a small gap for turning.
Trim off corners.
Turn right sides out.
Stuff the cushion with the toy stuffing through the small turning opening. Pulling the toy stuffing apart makes for a fluffier stuffing. Sew the turning gap closed with small neat invisible stitches.

Give with a small homemade book mark and or second hand book.

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