Sunday, 30 June 2013

Indoor Pursuits

The weather has turned towards the cold now, with rain and days meant for indoor pursuits rather than outdoors. I don't like the rain much, except for gardens, and I stay out of it as much as possible.

I've been at my art desk making some pages up for zines. These are little magazines you make up your self, some sell them, I'm just making them for myself of future 'pages' for this blog. I hand write the pages and use drawings, stamps and print outs to decorate the pages. Then I'll photocopy all the 'pages' and put them together as a little book called a ---zine.

I've also been puttering away at my crazy quilt. Adding some new stitchery, seams and a few places that needed extra fabric patches.

With the turn of weather we've embraced soups, stews and baking. The large crock pot is out for the day, warming up stews.

There's also been baking too. Biscuits, cupcakes, all for a nice cup of tea or coffee.

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