Monday, 24 June 2013

Wintery visit

I went for a visit to my aunt’s place. She lives around the corner from us. At her place is a large dining room table and I asked her if I could use the table for the crazy quilt I am doing.  With her permission I walked around to visit her on a chilly, windy, winter day.

We had a nice chat. Then she and I set about preparing supper for her later that night. The smell of chicken soup filled the house as I worked on adding the final foundation piecing to my crazy quilt.

For afternoon lunch we had some left over chicken pieces, French toast, and warming tea. On a cold day it was a welcome small meal.

I took a break from the crazy quilting once I finished the piecing and wandered around her home taking photographs.
My aunt is my mum’s youngest sister. Mum is in the middle of the photo and my aunt who I visited is on the right. The other on the left is also my mum’s sister. There were nine in the family, five girls and four brothers. Both my aunts say I look like my mum. These photographs I took a few years ago, when you had cameras with film and had to take them to the photography shop to be developed! Ah, technology. The other photograph behind them all is my niece when she was little.

After I finished taking some photos around my aunt’s place I went back to adding some seam embellishment  and embroidery to my crazy quilt. It is now starting to look a little like a crazy quilt.

My crazy quilt is still on my aunt’s dining room table. I can walk around tomorrow and add some more stitching and visit my aunt again, if it doesn’t rain.

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