Sunday, 4 May 2014

Stencilled Recipe Cards

 These simple cards make a great gift to give away. Or you might want to keep them for yourself!
Ingredients needed:
Tsukineko memento inks in colours:
New Sprout
Cottage Ivy
Lady Bug
Or use you can use acrylic paint.
Dauber sponge to apply ink to card.
If you are using paint a stiff small paint brush is needed.
Card to use for the stencil. I used printing paper but you need a very sharp blade and a steady hand for cutting out as the paper tears easily.
Recipe card – 4x6 inches, with a plain back (You can make your own from recycled cardboard like I did)  I also covered the back of mine in recycled brown craft paper and the front has some pretty scrapbooking paper with a kitchen theme.
Felt tip pen for stem and leaves. I used a green felt tip pen.


Cut out the template supplied below at bottom of the post. The images are only small …about 1 1/2 inches in height. Cut only the part where you want to apply your ink, which is just inside the drawn outline.
Sponge in lightly a mix of Cottage Ivy and New Sprout over the stencilled pear shape. Build up Lady bug red to create the colour for the stencilled apple.
Using a green felt tip pen mark in leaves and stem of fruit as desired.
You can bundle these cards up in some raffia or ribbon to give as a gift. Maybe with a hand embroidered tea towel, or crochet dishcloth, or a wooden spoon as something extra.
I’m using mine in my newly ‘almost’ finished recipe box. The box is from the previous post showing how I made it up. I've only to decorate the top and figure out a proper closure to finish it all off. The closure I am currently using isn't working. But I'll figure it out eventually.
I wanted the recipe box to have a retro 1930-1940 theme and the paper packs I used has given the recipe box that look.

Below is the template for your fruit...just click on the image to go to larger save or print (remembering they should be about 1 1/2 inches in height for your cards). Cut just inside the line to cut out the part you need to stencil. The stem and leaves for the fruit are drawn in freely with a green marker. You can also use the same marker to draw lines on your recipe card for writing out your recipes. 

There are of course lots of other ideas you can use this stencil for, but I hope this gives a good idea to begin with.
That's all. Have a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Wow, that looks great, Shiralee. You certainly do keep yourself busy with your craftwork. Well done!

  2. Thanks Nanna Chel.
    I hope you're managing to keep warm!

  3. Great project, thanks for using Memento Inks!