Tuesday 27 May 2014

Autumn Rose

I've been working on a new mini album. Although this one isn't much of a mini album because of it's long size. The bonus is I can get some full 5 X 6 proper photos in it.

 I'm not too sure about the theme yet, but it will be Autumn-ish and of course vintage-y.

 Inside you can see how the paper bags cascade which is why the album is quite long. The paper bags will be covered in paper to match the idea of the theme and I'll decorate the pages with similar autumn inspired elements.

 Mister Simba doesn't care for it either way. He thinks I should open the front door so he can go out barking and chasing the stray cat who is sitting on the front steps ignoring him.

Now that I've gone and seen what Mister Simba was yapping about I've some more paper roses to make up for the album. And pages to decorate.
Hope everyone is having a good day or evening.

1 comment:

  1. It will be nice to see the end product, Shiralee. It will be very pretty.