Friday, 27 June 2014

Homestyle cottage

Have you visited A handmade cottage? If not you're missing out on some great ideas and fabulous videos for creating rustic cottage crafts and living.
I followed Jodie's video tutorial on how to make a simple flower arrangement.
I took a wander around the backyard looking for some interesting flowers and plants. I picked up some red ground covered roses from the front yard and out the back there is some calendulas, heliotrope, geraniums, plumbago and a white looking climber flower that's some unknown type to me. I also raided the herb bed for mint, parsley, and parsley going to seed.
Following the instructions on the video I ended up with a simple arrangement that was very easy to do. Not only easy but thrifty as well, with everything from home, I didn't need to buy a florist foam block as I already had one. I did have to cut it down to fit my container. The video instructions are really easy and you'll be glad you watched it to learn to make your own floral arrangement. (Just watch for those pesky spiders ;))
Then after cutting up some skirts which are too small for me I saved some of the fabric from two different skirts for the video tutorial to make a simple rustic bunting. I did use two sides of fabric to mine. The peach floral ribbon is just a $2 roll from Wayne's World. The lacy bows use thrift store brought lace (It's the same lace I used on the dresses for the bonnet gals tea towels. There's a lot of lace from that buy.
(Note: One day I will also scrub the dried paint off the work tabletop.)

So if you're looking to do something this weekend look at A handmade cottage for ideas and crafty help.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.


  1. Well done, Shiralee. I just love that bunting and the floral arrangement is very pretty. I made the mandarin curd (with cornflour) but it is too runny so I will have to find out what I did wrong. Another learning curve coming up :-)

  2. really cute ideas! SO simple too. hmmm, got me to thinking! thanks a bunch! have a great weekend!