Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello Winter

With Autumn over and Winter upon us, I've started on some Winter projects. The first of which uses the cross stitch house blessing I stitched a bit back. I've included it in a crazy quilt project.
The little embroidery in progress might give a hint as to the nature of the crazy quilt project.
While I work on this, I'm almost finished the Autumn long mini album too.
With the talk around blogs of roses fading for the season I thought I'd share what I do with rose petals...
I dry them. They take a couple of weeks and I turn them once every day in the baskets they are drying in to make sure they are drying properly. 

When they dry I add them to decorative sachets to place in cupboards and drawers of linen. There's not much petals once they dry, but the scent always holds nicely. If you don't have any Orris root powder as a fixative to hold in the scent for your potpourri you can use cornstarch as a substitute.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.

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  1. I love crazy patchwork, Shiralee. That quilt looks very interesting. Glad you have some roses to dry. All of ours died :-(