Friday, 13 June 2014

Winter Yellow

This week was rather busy and I've also spent some time seeing to finishing up some projects on the go and preparing projects for the Simple Living swap table at the next workshop.

Over the week we had some really nice Winter weather and sure enough Winter came with some fog and drizzling rain today.

 I expect this fog and drizzle will likely bring in the Winter we haven't really been having.

After rushing about to see to personal matters, it was nice to come home and cosy into some homely projects. I've some crochet dishcloths finished for a bright, cheery, kitchen set for Winter days.

I also sat an entire weekend last weekend at the sewing maching determined to get some orphan/ufo crazy quilt blocks into a quilt. I've had all these blocks for some time ( if you go through the archives in this blog you'll see these blocks in progess: here for example. ). I thought I should stop making the project more difficult than it was. It was time to just get in and do it.  As a learner on the sewing maching there's a few mishaps where I didn't quite catch a seam, but I can sew it in by hand and some corners don't quite fit, but a pretty fabric or doiley over that will hide the errors of my ways.
The owls are from a old vintage linen tea towel my grandma ( my Dad's mum), who is now passed, gave to me because she knew I like owls. They are centre of the quilt. This is the theme of this quilt many of the fabrics were given to me, or I found in thrift store srcaps. I also include lots of old cross stitch, needlepoint, fabric paintings and little stitch motifs I did over the years. So this is a real frugal thrift quilt!

The quilt is sewn using a foundation backing, the quilt blocks are 12 inches and I sewed 5 rows across and 6 rows down. I feel I should add one more row to make it 7 and then it will fit nicely over a single bed or just across a double bed. The top is sewn, now onto embellishing all those seams. I've some done which helps!
I hope everyone has a good day or evening where ever they are.

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  1. That quilt will be fabulous when it is finished, Shiralee. So much work has gone into it. I am looking forward to the workshop next weekend. It should be fun.