Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Scrap life

When I first started colleting bits and pieces from thrift stores for embroidery and such, I came across Crazy Quilting and I thought...that's right up my tree. The book I first saw was from the library and it was one of Judith Baker Montano's first crazy quilt books. I hooked up into some yahoo groups way back then and did a lot of swaps. Funny enough I still haven't a crazy quilt to actually speak of...just small pieces.
When I saw Judith Baker Montano crazy quilts I knew the first thing I wanted to collect was Cigarette silks. At the time I didn't have ebay and I ask my parents when they were on ebay to pick out some silks for me....
This was at the time when they were a dime a dozen. I had no idea what they were buying as thenI was living elsewhere in my own house. So when dad and mum said they were snapping up these collections for next to nothing I thought they meant only a few! (Look at the postage all the way from USA way back then... 90cents!)
Well, this is just some of what they brought all that time ago. The silks still have that cigar smell and some are large while the ones like above are small.  But the colours are still all amazing.
I still keep my collection in the envelopes they came in with the ebay information too. Maybe one day I'll do that big crazy quilt and add a few of the silk doubles I recieved in the wins to that crazy quilt. (This is actually in progress ;))
For me scrapbooking and crazy quilting are the same thing. Almost. So it's no wonder I also dabble in that too. The autumn long mini cover is progressing and I have to decorate the pages too.
I also think this is the same reason why I love junk journals/ journalling too. I'm a bit of a magpie hoarder of bits and pieces. It keeps me happy at least.
Hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.

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  1. How amazing are those silks, Shiralee. I have never heard of them before.