Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Left Overs

Well, we were having some nice weather until winter decided it wanted to come back for a visit. Even with the cold snap the day outside is still pretty. The weather, though, is meant for indoor pursuits during breaks with  warming cups of tea and hot buttered scones, of course.
I've been crocheting these flowers following the instructions from The bluebirds are nesting which can be found here. I'm using a thinner thread because that is what I have on hand to try them out. I made them into rosettes for scrapbooking. The ribbon and lace came from the old coat hanger I pulled apart, the fabric on the coat hanger I used on the tea towel here. I have a few done and I used a lot of things like buttons and flowers from my stash. It was a good way of using up things I already had.
I also braved the cold and went for a short walk down to the local church jumble sale. There's always something there to bring home. I brought home some books (naturally) and some baby flannel for crafting. I had a good buy for those things everything was only $2, and the lady serving said I could have the bible I picked up to bring home for free. I could have brought more home.
The roses in our front yard are blooming again and soon I'll be picking them to make use of the petals in pot-pourri. These roses, particularly the yellow ones, have such a nice scent. I want to press some petals too to decorate on candles.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.


  1. Those crochet flowers are just lovely, Shiralee. I must go to that Jumble Sale sometime. I guess it is on monthly.

    1. Nanna Chel, they have a big one yearly( I think?) and there's one every third wednesday of the month. I keep forgetting about it. When you go there is more rooms at the back.

      And thanks for tipping me off to the bluebirds are nesting blog to begin with.


  2. I love those days for "inside" things! :) Fall is setting in here in the middle US. Last evening I sat by a fire in the fireplace and crocheted on my baby blanket. Peaceful evening.

  3. Those flowers are very pretty Shirilee.

    I have been using up my scraps of cotton to make something similar this past weekend. Tiny little flowers, just the first round of Annabel's pattern. I sewed little pearl beads into the middle for decoration. I have also made some of those rose flowers out of scrap fluffy wool, and they look really pretty. I like the way you have added ribbon and lace, that adds a little something special. I was thinking of adding mine to some crochet bags and blankets I have made to give them a spark.