Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring thoughts

"One swallow doesn’t make a summer but for gardeners, the first sprig of jasmine makes it spring."

Spring is here, and we've had some really lovely weather to bring it on. I feel the weather has been a bit on the chilly side the last couple of days, nothing like winter weather at all though. 

The lurgy that has been hanging around our house finally seem to have gone and we are all back to eating more home cooked meals. Lamb neck chops are always a favorite in stew, it never last long. With the change in weather and now things are warming up we'll change over to more salads and the like later on and hot meals will be less.

I haven't had much chance to do any large paintings, and by large I don't mean very large, I usually stay around A4 size canvas's, but little Artist Trading Card size paintings (the size of a playing card) helps me with keeping painting going.

I'm also tackling that UFO basket of sewing items I want to get finished some time this century. This month I am planing on doing 'a use what I have challenge' and buy nothing new. Which means I might be able to finish some of the projects I do have and buy nothing new to add to things. Should be interesting as there is a fete on the 12th and they have plants, books, and such. I can see the challenge ending badly. Although I shouldn't do too much damage as I am also intending on trying a $10 month personal spending budget. I think that works out to about $2.50 a week. Trust me I can do a lot with $2.50.

Here's a sewing tip I thought might help: When using a embroidery pen that doesn't wash out or fade away, mark a dot for the lazy daisy stitch instead of marking out the whole loop. This way you are only covering the dot.

I have three different embroidered flowers I hope to make up into cards to send off. I also want to use these designs on my crazy quilt, as they are so pretty and quick to do.  
But it is not all fun and games, there's laundry, washing up, some heavy dusting and cleaning to do. We did all the bedding in the last two days to get rid of any nasty lurgy lingering and the weather just says spring cleaning. I think it is safe to say spring is here. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Your needle work seems to have lots of depth and dimension....I wonder why?

  2. Shiralee, where is the fete I wonder? I love fetes. Also love your embroidery. It is a very warm day today.

  3. It was so enjoyable reading your post tonight. We've finally gotten some cooler temps here in southern California. I loved seeing all your photos. And your embroidery work is beautiful. My dear Mom used to embroidery but I never learned that wonderful art. Wishing you the very best. Pat xx

  4. I've come to visit since I see you have become a follower of my blog....Thankyou :) I'm actually a born & bred Qld girl myself, but currently live in country Vic. I love your embroidery! I've had several attempts to grow some sweet smelling jasmine here with no luck, perhaps this year it might find just the right place??