Monday, 30 November 2015

Merry Makes

Make your self a merry little Christmas. 24 days of gifts and makes to create a frugal home made Christmas.

Apple Napkins


Fabric Paint:
Green Paint
Red Paint
Dark Red Paint
Brown Paint
White Paint

I used acrylic paint and Jo Sonja’s Textile Medium.

Flat Sponge (Type used for washing up)

Fabric at least 16 ½ inches square. You can use pre-made napkins. I used old sheets, Pillow cases, table cloths, from other projects for my napkins.

Small paint brush to add highlight.
Medium stiff paint brush to paint colours onto sponge.

Fray edges of napkins and Top stitch around the napkins using sewing machine or hand stitches. The Top stitch is like a seam but without turning under any edges. It will stop the napkins from fraying further when washing.

Use the template to cut out your apple shape. (Always be careful when cutting). Cut away all the sponge you don’t want to paint.
I painted my apple leaves green. The stem brown. I then painted the apple in a dark red. Then I used a light red to sponge over the top. Lastly I added in a highlight in white. Iron and wash, then iron again.
Template to cut your sponge

They are very easy to make and you can whip up two, four, or more in no time.

Add your favourite recipe card and a wooden spoon, tie up with twine and they make a really nice gift too.

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I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Those apple napkins are wonderful! I am right in the Xmas mood now.

    1. Phil, they'll be good to use for the rest of the year too.

  2. Shiralee, you are on a roll now aren't you? It is too hot to do anything outside so craft it is at the moment obviously.

    1. Nanna Chel,
      I was hoping for rain to cool things off. No such luck, guess this is now officially Summer. Stay cool.