Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Worker Housewife: 1939

In a 1939 Australian newspaper article I found some helpful hints and recipes for the 'Worker Housewife'. It wasn't uncommon for women to be in the workforce at the time. When money was hard to come buy because of the Great Depression, women, were doing what they could to help with the house hold budget. Of course, when 1940 came and the war started, women were a needed force in the workplace. 

It's interesting to note how this recipe uses a lot of eggs and heavy with margarine. 
I don't think many today would think of an omelette meal as a dinner meal or to 'serve friends' when they drop by, but it's a good meal to keep in mind.

I didn't have any kidney meat, but I had some left over chicken. I used the chicken instead and also added in a handful of cheese as well as chopped up tomato. I fried up left over bread starting to go stale to go with the omelette so as not to waste. 
I've had kidney before but not sure about doing it in an omelette. Something I'll try next time when the shopping order is due and I'll add kidney to the meat list.

I hope everyone is having  a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. We used to eat Lambs Fry a lot when we were little. Can't remember eating kidney but we probably did. I thought cooks used butter back then but perhaps not.

  2. Nanna Chel,
    I'm pretty sure we were given Lambs Fry when little too. And it's surprising what was available back then. Butter was definitely used but margarine was also coming into use, Stork margarine had ads as early as 1920! Will have a post up soon about margarine use.
    Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.