Peacock green

The mask I started here is now finished. I wasn't sure quite what to do with it, only that I wanted it to be very peacock-ish. I used real peacock feathers and lots of shimmery, glittery, jade colors for the mask. There's stamping on the mask and pearl ex powders and tulle all together to create a lovely textured surface. I added some hand made flowers and thrift store find flowers and snippets of lace and shells, a fairy charm and butterfly beads as well as more pins from the pin swap. Finally I used a Tim Holtz stamp for the words.
I then stamped and such for the canvas background using lots of techniques and using a mix of watercolor crayon, gesso, and pearl ex powders to get a back ground color I like. I added more flowers ( I like flowers) and more of the bling used on the mask to trim the sides of the canvas with.
I can imagine a series of these masks, this one for summer. One for Autumn. One for Winter. One for Spring. Wouldn't they look nice together!


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