Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Homely living

I spent sometime at my art desk painting, stitching and making. I also sorted through most of my fabric folding it into some order. The painting I did is for some plant signs. I was just going to write the plant names on them, but painting has always been my favourite past time so I had to ‘fancy’ the signs up.

Daily remembrances are added to an old junk journal. I made some fake Polaroid pictures and added them to the journal.

Thrift store sewing goodness at the store from yesterdays browsing. I brought some wool for the crochet shawl I am making.
Tonight for dessert we are having homemade Pavlova. Well, the toppings are homemade, we brought the Pavlova base cheaply from the store. This is truly an Aussie icon and maybe the sweetest dessert you’ll ever taste.

How my day ends, hanging up the dish towel.  When you have no dishwasher someone has to be nominated.

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