Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tin and Wool

I've been working on a crochet shawl and it is coming along really well. I haven't crochet before, so this is something to learn. I wasn't particularly interested in making a granny square throw after my Mum showed me how to do a basic granny square, which led me to go online to search for an interesting project. I found this on Catalina Stan's youtube channel and followed her very good instructions on how to crochet a shawl using a granny square process. She explains it far better than I, and her youtube channel is very helpful. The first part for how to work a triangle based on a granny square ( which can be worked up into a shawl) is found here: Part 1

I've also been sorting through a lot of my craft stash, organizing it into a more neatly stored approach. I was overdue for a declutter and this helped sort out the remaining items I wanted to keep. I used some old biscuit tins mum had to store small scrapbooking items and photos I printed off from my blog. I'm pleased everything is starting to come down to a simplified manageable state. Mind you, I had to do a lot of previous decluttering to achieve this level. The worst clutter culprits for me are books and magazines, I now stay away from magazines and look online for inspiriation. To keep the books down I buy one book related to a subject instead of several. ( That's what I tell myself, I still come home with several books related to the same subject).

All my sweet craft things now neatly stored in sweet biscuit tins. Like the Arnotts tin says, I can 'enjoy'. It's a bit like finding your grandmother's button tin and sorting through all the glorious treasures the tin holds.

I fussy cut a lot of A4 paper of images printed off my blog. The program I have allows me to print off several photos together on an A4 piece of paper saving wasting paper when things aren't sized properly. The program allows me to print off 6x4 sizes and so on all neatly aligned to A4 photopaper. The images are now more easily stored and I can sort through them later when I want to 'scrapbook' a junk journal.

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