Monday, 22 April 2013

Left Overs

The beginnings of a basic supper time meal.  Curry Sausages are a simple enough meal to make. Cut up onion.  Garlic. Celery. Carrot. Peas. Pre-cook your sausages (or used left overs).
Brown Onion and Garlic in a pan with some butter. Add some stock of your choice, just enough for the curry base. Add your carrots and celery and peas.

Add in your curry powder. Add your sausages and then mix together to cook. You can make up a mix of plain flour and water to add to the base to help thicken it a little to gravy consistency.
Serve up with some mashed potato and bread with butter. Comfort food for the weather when it starts to get cold.

Autumn is now starting to show in all kinds of ways. Mostly from the sounds of rustling leaves as you walk along the street on a windy day and the leaves follow after you.

A junk journal has some colours hinting at Autumn. And giving more inspiration for future junk journals.

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