Thursday, 13 June 2013

Winter Greens

We've had some interesting weather of late. Just before the big rain came in and at the end of autumn I planted half a row of beans and half a row of peas from seeds. Now I have baby peas and beans!
I'm looking at a lot of ideas for canning and for future canning projects I have been saving jars. But for now I'll admire how far the seeds have come and hope they grow more.

I also planted out winter carrots and these onions. It will be interesting to see how these grow too.

Speaking of things growing, I have been working away on my crazy quilt, piecing the foundation and I have one more row to finish. Then it is onto the equally longer task of stitching all those seams. I am glad I can do this tucked up in bed underneath the multicoloured quilt where I can stitch away on it and be warm at the same time. The book, I found at the thrift store last year, the pictures in it are lovely to look at and the story tells of two elderly sisters who embroider and applique a white cover on their bed.

Handy hints:
To discourage a new baking tin from rusting, rub it inside and out with lard and place it in an oven at moderate heat for forty-five minutes. When cool wipe thoroughly with a paper towel.
To remove rust from tinware, rub with half a raw potato that has been dipped in scouring powder. Rinse and then dry – ideally in an oven.

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  1. Shiralee, we certainly have had our share of rain but it has made my cabbages and broccoli grow well so that is an upside of the rain I guess. Keep warm!