Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Youtube tutorials

As I was asked how I had made my stick pins in the previous post, I thought it would be helful to put up a varied link of youtube channels I go to or have used for showing me how to make many of the items I use for scrapbooking and cardmaking. These are links I have found in my youtube searches there are many more and the links below I am not affliated with any in any way.
To begin with I think Follow The Paper Trail channel is very good for showing you how to construct your mini albums. There are many types of ways here and Laura is a very good demonstrator:

The links below send you off to show you how to make a variety of different flowers. I have mostly avoided the ones that uses too many fancy punches or dies. I think most scrapbookers have Tim Holtz tattered florals so I added two links for different flowers that aren't his usual roses.


Prima Camelot flower doop (Duplicate)
And another from Tonya Gibbs:
Kathy Orta: Mini Prima Roses with punches:
More flower lessons than you can poke a stick at. Here’s one example:  
Paper Flowers with out need of any punches just use scissors:
Esther craft:
Tutorial handmade paper flower for scrapbook with and without flower punches:
Paper bag flowers tutorial:

What to do with ready made shop brought silk flowers:

Tim Holtz Tattered florals die:


Gorgeous Prima Heart Desire Doop:

Below the next lot of links show you all about those stick pins:

Stick Pins:
Normal stick pin

Suzie Crafter:
Fancy Floral Bouquet Stick Pin -
This isn't a stick pin but a beaded spray and is just as pretty as stick pins:
More things to do with beads for scrapbooking and any other project-
Prima Candy Gem Doop-
As you can see there's a variety of youtube links to choose from. If you also browse through each of the channels you will find all sorts of other helpful tutorials and very inspiring creations. These are the ones I like and have used over time and I find it a great help.


  1. Thanks Shiralee, I will check out all those links. It is much appreciated.

  2. Another question Shiralee. Where do you buy the pins you decorate and what are they called in the shop? Presumably Spotlight or Lincraft stock them or do you get them online?