Sunday, 17 November 2013


The last week we have been having a lot of rain. It is good for the garden and my experimental bed is coming up nicely. All this rain and gloomy weather has me craving bright things. Last weekend I attended the simple living morning tea which is the last for the year. We learn how to make a bright colorful orgami ball. Nana Chel has some good photographs on her blog about that.
The lacy jar covers we made seem to be liked very much I didn't bring any home! 

The swap went well during morning tea and I picked up some of Nana Chel's homemade Calendula soap. I've been using it and the soap is luxurious on the skin. I have sensitive skin and any soap generally makes my skin itchy and dry this soap lathers up beautifully and leaves the skin soft and fresh. If Nana Chel offers any snap it up! I also went home with a handful of some great seeds and beautiful sage.

 With the rest of the week wet and gloomy I caught up on baking and I am working on a painting.
More to come.

All this rain really doesn't make it feel like summer is near at all.


  1. Shiralee, I am glad you liked the soap. The last batch I made I added Carotino Oil and it came out orange. LOL! It still has the calendula infused oil in it though plus I added some Castor Oil as one of the ladies on the Down to Earth forum said that it creates bubbles so I tried that as well. It is sunny today so you will probably get out in the garden for a while before the predicted storm hits. The garden is certainly loving this rain after it being so dry for so long.

  2. The soap is beautiful and you should be proud of it. Like I said I have very sensitive skin and all I felt after was clean, soft and fresh!

    I think the lawn will have to be mowed first so I can find the beds LOL!