Friday, 1 November 2013

Make do

Today was a bit of a experimental day. From the pantry I used a box bread mix in the bread maker to see what it would turn out like. The mix was for a heavy German bread and it did turn out heavy and rather tasty. Different to white bread.

Out in the garden I weeded one of the raised beds that has been sitting idle. In this bed I want to try out some companion planting and after some research on the interent and looking through my seed tin of collected seeds I found a few that can be planted together. It will be interesting to see if these grow and how the companion planting works.

From the sewing box I am trying out hand sewing patch work. My stitches aren't exactly nice but practise makes perfect. I'm using up some old bed sheets for this as well. Not only today was about experiments but it was a very make do and use what you have kind of day too.

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  1. Shiralee, I am still getting around to planting out some of my seeds. It is just too hot to do much gardening though. I hope to see you at the morning tea and swap on Saturday.