Friday, 8 November 2013


This is how the end of my day looked after a very warm day and a lot of laundry.
I have always wrote in diaries and sketchbooks. There is something comforting about returning to writing by hand and putting thoughts down on paper. It is very different to blogging where I tidy up my thoughts. My diaries though have all the things you'd expect to see in someone's diary. I have my teenage diaries and they have a lot of things pasted in them like movie tickets, magazine clippings of popstars and moviestars,  art gallery tickets and such. I also have letters and cards and photos too. You know, the film you took to the photo place to be processed! Photos from actual film!
I decided to start up a journal in the spirit of National novel writing month that happens in November. The aim is to write a novel in a month. I'm hoping to finish writing in a diary and start up a new one for December dailies too. Which is about recording your December activies for the 25 days of Christmas.
I wrote today about exicting things like doing the laundry. I'm not sure what any one will think of these journals when they go through them but at least someone in our family records things. Which is very important.

And here's my clean fresh bed linen ready to be put back on the bed. It's all about simple living and there's nothing more simple than this. I picked some fresh Rosemary to press in my new diary too. It is a good herb for remembrance.

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