Friday, 11 April 2014

Each leaf

We're likely in for some rainy type weather which is more in keeping with the Autumn months. The weather has been so nice of late too. But I don't mind the rain at all.

My granny thrift squares are coming along nicely. I've also been doing a lot of practice with crochet enough I can read instructions and I want to try my hand at some delicate crochet edging. I've had a go at doing some dishcloths and potholders which I will show eventually.

I do like a good freshly baked basic scone. It is lovely with a cup of tea and a heaping of jam on top of the scone.

 One of my junk journals with a real vintage cabinet photo of two lovely friends, I purchased these gals from etsy in a group a while back. I am going to work in this journal for next month.

And a sort of an attempt at a folksy painting idea.

I played around with it a bit more for maybe a needlepoint design. I have been thinking a lot about needlepoint and migh try it one day!
Have a good time whatever it is you are doing. I'm off for some more crochet!

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