Friday, 25 April 2014

frugal pieces

Today I spent some time at the sewing machine working on fancy strip patchwork blocks. It is a very thrifty way to use up odds and ends of fabric, but it does use up a lot of material scraps. I'm probably going to have to find some more scraps to achieve enough blocks for this quilt.

More quilting and patchwork is one of my goals for this year, I have a crazy quilt I've been working on and off for years and is making some progress. Meanwhile, I started this simple strip patchwork as it looked very easy to do and the vintage Lady's Circle magazine from where this pattern came from said it was good for beginners. How true. If you are doing this type of strip patchwork, a foundation material to sew the strips on is a must. I used a old bed sheet for this.

As mentioned I did some baking and the product of baking yesterday is being happily consumed right now. I'll put up the recipe next week.
I don't know what this tree is but it is hanging over the fence from our neighbours. Each year it has something different to show for all the season. There's white blooms in spring/summer and the berries arrive in all their glory in autumn. The berry colours are fantastic.

In Memory of Anzac day today I thought some might like the BBC Wartime Farm episodes to watch on Youtube.

 I hope everyone has a good weekend doing whatever it is they are doing.

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