Monday, 21 April 2014

Thrifty lessons

This may look uninspiring but I have inspiring plans for all of the rubbish items in this pile of things. I started off with the plastic covers some pillow cases came in and those plastic hangers which came from tea towels I had brought. I used the plastic cover as a template and the hangers to make some pretty sachets.

To begin with:


Cut your paper using the template diagram (below). I didn't have paper that was long enough for the template so I made my flaps separate. This is the front and I folded in the 6mm 'seams' along the bottom and the sides. Leave the top, if you are making a separate flap like I did. The 6mm 'seam' fold at the top is to line up your flap later.

Cut out your flap and fold a 6mm 'seam' at bottom. Where the crease is cut a small slit to place your hanger. (Leave this step if you don't have hangers).

Glue the flap to the wrong side of the front as shown.

Use a small line of glue to follow the folded seam of the front and attach the back paper, right side facing up, lining it up carefully with that narrow seam edge. Glue only on that narrow seam so you make a pocket.

Follow the steps to complete as many sachets as you would like. When you are done, fill the sachet with any pretty smelling potpurri you like...dried lavender is nice.
When you fill the sachet glue down the flap. And hang in your wardrobe or place in your clothes draws if you didn't give your sachets hangers. If this looks all too much work, you can of course, cover envelopes to create something similar.

You can make these as plain or as fancy as you like. Some lace can be added and if you don't have the plastic hanger hooks, add some ribbon as a hanger. You can add some pretty vintage images to the front or some plastic, paper, felt, flowers can be added at the top near the hanger too.

Below: Template for the front (with flap) and back. Click on image to go to larger size to print.

After all that hard work I think I should enjoy some more Easter egg!

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever it is they are doing.

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