Sunday, 30 November 2014

Herb Blessings

The weather of late has been so nice, just a little muggy but nothing like the heat wave we have been having. I took a wander around the backyard yesterday and was surprised to find blooming were some seeds I thought wasn't going to bloom at all. I have a sort of brown thumb but I try. I planted carnation, lilliput zinna's, chamomile and coneflower and they are all sprouting up. I thought they were other flowers already there but no! I'm really excited about that.
Being that it is now December 1st I'm organizing my christmas gift stash. I want my gifts this year to be mostly homemade with a dash of new and thrift. So far I think I have a good stash. The first parcel to wrap up uses herbs as a theme. I am using one of the spoons we were stamping in the Toowoomba Simple Living Christmas DIY gifts workshop. Nanna Chel, over at going grey and slightly green was showing us how to metal stamp the spoons. The other plant poke is from the air dry clay flowers I was making. I added a water can charm and wire to the metal spoon. The clay flower I tied up with some jute string and added a little butterfly bead.

I've also included a cheap thrift store book about herb cooking, a vintage book with some good information, lastly I added some herb seeds. I think it makes a nice gift.

The first of December also means I can begin working in my December daily that I created. Each day until the 25 December I'll create a page for the day. I used a pack of Christmas cards from the thrift store to create the book, so the pages are only small and I won't have to do much too them.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.


  1. Shiralee, your stamped spoon turned out really well and it looks great with the little charm on it too. What a great gift.

  2. I'm off to the second hand shop to buy some old spoons - this is quintessentially vintage.

    1. Phil,
      If you are going to bash your spoons with a hammer place a piece of wood over the top of the spoon and you won't get the marks from the hammer. Like you can see on my spoon. Good luck!

  3. Phil, try and get silver spoons. They are much easier to stamp. Stainless steel is much harder to work with.