Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Egg collector

We had some rain today which helped cooled things down just a wee bit. With the rain about it was a good day to spend in doors. Some time ago I brought a rooster tea towel with a crochet hanging top from the markets. And slowly but surely I've been adding a few more items to the set and now it's finished.
The Sun bonnet gal carrying eggs I had pinned on my Pinterest board: Sewing Basket for ages and finally printed her out and embroidered her. To be honest if I were to do this design again I'd either do her in applique or crayon tint. I think it looks alright with just embroidery alone but feels it's lacking something.
I crochet two dishcloths to go with this set as well. The Pattern for the shells and post dishcloth can be found here. The checkered pattern I saw on a youtube video the name escapes me at the moment but I will add in the link as soon as I can think of it. The potholder hen pattern is from a page of drawings I did a long time ago for cross stitch designs. I don't think five cents would buy anyone much these days let alone a egg or eggs. At least I can embroider make believe eggs that are five cents.

I think the set turned out nice. I had everything already in my stash to make up the items and didn't have to buy anything new.

If you care for the pattern for the sunbonnet gal, just right click on the picture and save. I've also included the pattern for the hen too. If my crooked dashed border bothers you, just straighten it up your self when you go to copy the image to your embroidery.
To make a potholder:
Lay backing fabric right side up. Front fabric right side down. batting down on top of front fabric. Batting is cut smaller all round. Add a hanging tab in corner (loop facing in and make sure it is on the right side!) Pin the hanging tap in place. Sew all around, (remvoing pin as you come to it), leaving a small opening for turning. Cut all corners diagonally. Turn out the potholder to right sides and slip stitch closed.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. The girl reminds me of the 1970's prints of Holly Hobby - I can remember doing wall plaques with layered paper print and packing foam using a similar style of print but using paper.

    1. Phil,
      I know the design. I used to have bed sheets with it on.
      - Shiralee

  2. Lovely! I love Sunbonnet girls and all those lovely 50s embroideries. I have absolutely want to make a set of Sunbonnet days of the week towels - one day!