Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Frugal simplicity

Right about now I think it would be nice to have some very cold weather or at least consistently cool weather. We've had another hot, cloudy and muggy day which is a bit of a contrast to other days we've been having. A couple of days ago I manage to take a photo of the Lilliput Zinnia's I planted. I didn't think these would come up, but there they are. My dad asked me what I did to plant them, he wanted to know if I stood from the back door and just chucked them into the bed because they are coming up every where in the bed. I think I watered them too hard and washed all the seeds here and there. Mostly, over there, where they shouldn't be if you get my meaning. So I know I can grow Zinnia's!
At the moment I am drying rose petals and mint leaves for some sachets I want to do.  And there is some stitching for a kitchen set. I used one of my designs from little sketches I did a long time ago in a sketch book that was going to be used for Cross Stitch designs.  The material I used from my stash. The backing is an old bed sheet and the white for the hen is also from a bed sheet. The fabric for the wing came from an old shirt I had that I cut up. The material might look awfully familiar to some of you who took home my bonnet gal tea towels and those who remember the Sunbonnet Sue kitchen set. There's still a lot of material left. Well, what I think is a lot. I did get a lot of mileage out of that old shirt which originally came from the thrift store in a bag for $1. It was one of those fill-a-bag sales.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. You have a gift turning rags into riches. Oh and eggs for 5 cents, made me smile.

    1. Phil,
      I'm a very make do person. One day when I have chickens I'm going to have to sell eggs for 5 cents....that is if the government doesn't take it away.
      - Shiralee

  2. I would love to send our frigid temps somewhere else! I don't think I will complain about the heat this summer. But, how soon we forget, right?! :)
    Cute projects! I can't wait to be done with my taxes this next weekend so that I can dig into getting my "area" put together. It was ramsacked during our recent remodel.

    1. Monica,
      No doubt I'll be complaining about the cold when it arrives here too. But I'll enjoy the first few days. Good luck with your taxes and getting your area back!
      - Shiralee.