Tuesday 27 January 2015

Pretty dolly

While the weather has been over cast with rain,  I have been indoors creating at my desk. I've been using up some of my scrap stash to make these dolly peg sachets. They are very simple to make and look so cute when finished. They also are practical as they hang on coat hangers in the cupboard and the scent keeps moths away.

To Make: You will need some Craft pegs and ear bud cleaners (You can use pipe cleaners if you like) Paint the faces as you please, hair and flesh is painted and details like eyes, nose, mouth are drawn in with pencil. Add a little blush to cheeks with a coloured pencil.  Curve the ear bud cleaner around the peg to form arms (I used hot glue gun to keep my cleaner in place. Ink up the cotton bud part with some flesh coloured ink. Then wrap some fabric washi tape around where the arm sticks out. Add some lace. This is the 'sleeve' of your dolly peg gown. Make a bag, sew up the sides leaving a little gap at the top. Place your pegs inside and fill with dried potpourri of your choice: lavender is good for moths.  Where the gap is it should be enough to pull up over the arms of the dolly peg. Use tight gathering stitches at the top around the dolly neck to close the bag. You might have to make a few slip stitches around the arm gap to enclose it if it gaps open. 

Clothe your dolly in any way that makes you smile. Skirts are simple. The bag becomes the bodice or top and you use gathering stitches at the doll waist on the skirt to draw it in. Add a hanger at the top by sewing in ribbon at the back of the neck like and add a bit of trim around the neck to hide the sewn in ribbon (this looks like a collar or neck decoration) and you are done.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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