Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Home grown

 The weather today was mostly a mix bag of windy, warm, and a spattering of rain. This is the kind of weather I like. Today was the day for the Jumble sale at the Baptist Church around the corner where I live. A short walk and I'm looking through items and trying not to bring home half the contents of the sale. I was good and came home with a couple of white sheets I can use for embroidery and some sort of baby blanket fleece I'm thinking of making up into a bear or something. I also brought two magazines, as well as two 750 jigsaw puzzles sets and called it a day leaving without a grand total of $5.

I also reused some timber stuff Dad had laying around the backyard and headed off to his tool shed to make these plant signs. Needless to say me sawing and hammering isn't one of the most elegant things to be seeing so it was good I was in the shed out of sight. Of course I am cautious of tools so no fingers were bashed or lost in the making of plant signs. I painted the signs up with white gesso and added lettering. I'll be looking for more timber to try a few more.

Nanna Chel of going grey and slightly green also brought us over a couple of her cucumbers ( She and her hubby live just around the corner from us). Thank you Nanna Chel, they are much appreciated.  
It must be a cucumber sort of day because Dad and Mum came back from Bunnings with Apple cucumbers to plant. I think they are finally getting the idea to plant what they like to eat even if it is in pots. 

I'm also embroidering, the teapot supper cloth and working on the Crazy Quilt too. There's a lot of material to be sitting under in the heat with the Crazy Quilt so it may be shelved for a autumn/winter project yet. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. I love that quote in your last picture - how true. I am trying to figure out that music too......Khachaturian?

  2. Hope the cucs are okay, Shiralee. Still no rain but at least it is nice and cool.

  3. Shiralee, this is my first visit to your blog. So colorful and bright! Thank you for sharing with us!