Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wise woman

I was thinking about this Proverb a lot of late and realized being the wise woman who builds her house is going to be my goal for 2015. I know there are some things I can't do but there is a lot of things I can do to at least make the goal doable. I can make more things for that 'one day house' of mine and create with that in mind. I'm thinking obviously of things for the linen cupboard which will be of use.  Another thing I am doing is saving, I was thinking of not spending but I need to be realistic and just set a budget limit of what I can save. The other aim is to use what I have, below is a list of things I've created this year which uses only what I had in my stash:
Crochet bobby pins (hair slides)
Blue Wings - Card
Hair Snood - Lesson
Other areas I'ved saved money on and what I did to put to the one day house is:
From the garden:
Saved Chamomile seeds and put them in the seed saving box for the future garden.
In the kitchen:
Baked jam drops and put the recipe in the house folder.
Watched mum show how to boil up a cooked ham leg and bake it again so it wasn't so salty. And to have cold meat through the rest of the week. The last of left over ham we are having in fritters. This knowledge was placed in the house folder.
Continued adding free patterns and ideas to my pinterest board - Gatheringgrace.
Printed off useful tips from blogs.
Printed out a free pattern from my pinterest Sewing basket board and began to embroider it.
15 meters of vintage lace for $5 with free postage from ebay arrived at the start of the year and stored in the stash.
What I am planning is this 'Wise woman who builds her house' will be a feature for my blog. A weekly roundup to show savings and what is going in the future linen cupboard. Overall I think this is an achieveable goal for me. There's my thinking for my goal for 2015. A bit late in the year but then better late than never. Of course there are some personal goals set too, we shall see how that goes.
At some point I will put a resource list link to useful blogs on the side bar for this feature.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. A resource library page with links to the relevant posts would be great

  2. You are so good at reusing items, Shiralee. Learn as much from your mum while she is well enough to teach you. There are a few things I wish I had asked my mum before she died.