Thursday, 20 April 2017

all together

The baby being held was 13 pounds when born.

It is day one of the year without challenge and I had a no spend day. A family member on Facebook posted this photograph of my Mum's family - these are her father and her brothers and sisters. My mum is sitting in the front in the middle. Yes we are aboriginal descent in our family and it shows most in mum's mother, the eldest sister who is taking the photograph, my mum, and the boy in the middle at the back standing next to his father. His father, my grandfather, raised nine children. He worked all his life in a small town and was at one point the gent who collected rubbish and cleaned out the old thunder boxes. They weren't rich and lived with what they had, there was a lot of hand me downs. You can see in the back the old house they had and the verandahs covered with hessian bags. The boys used to sleep out there!

The Aunt who I am living with and helping out, is in the front on the right of my mum. And the Aunt who lives across the road wasn't born yet. They used to tell her when she looked at this picture and asked where she was, they said: "You were hiding under the house." *smile*

Dinner today was a choppy salad.  This is a good way to chop up your tomatoes and cucumbers and onions to use them up. We added it with a patty burger from the freezer. Along with a bit of bread and butter. Nothing fancy. Think I should've buttered that bread better.

I'm also going through my stash and cleaning. Also doing an embroidery tea towel using a design I drew up.

Today is a no spend day.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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