Monday, 10 April 2017

Chicky chics

It's no secret I like to do the crayon tinting technique. A couple of dollars will buy a small packet of Crayola crayons and before you know it there's hours of fun to be had. Usually with crayon tinting technique most people embroider the design once finished.  I'm trying a new idea where you don't have to embroider the design. The finished item still works out to look very pretty.


1: Transfer your design onto your chosen item. For this sample I used some plastic bag holders. To transfer the design I always trace the image onto tracing paper. Then turn the design over to the back and retrace with a hot iron embroidery transfer pencil. When you turn your design over this will mean the design transfers onto your item the right way. 

2: To do crayon tinting I gave a lesson: here. The technique is very simple, just colour in the design with the crayons. If you want a deep colour, colour in, then iron off the wax build up of crayon and colour in again. The design above is coloured in once only. 

3: Then with a thick laundry marker pen trace around the finished coloured image. The laundry marker pen won't wash out.

4: Set the design with an iron, making sure to place paper over the design to pick up the wax crayon and not ruin your iron. This is completely washable, although the design may fade over time. If you want the colour to stay as is a bush over with a medium used to mix with paint to paint on fabric will make sure the design doesn't fade.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. You are such an artist, Shiralee. I hope your Etsy shop is going well.