Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Living without - Year Challenge

A Year Without…

The main part of this year long challenge is all about going a year without the usual over spending and splurges on unnecessary items. It’s about feeding myself from the grocery shopping brought fortnightly and using up what is in the pantry and freezer. It is about using up and making do with the stockpile of crafting essentials I have instead of nipping down to the shops to buy something new. 

Part of this challenge to stop buying completely any books, little thrift store items, clothing (including shoes) and live from the items I do have. When it comes to shoes and clothes I have enough in my wardrobes and drawers to last at least one year and hopefully enough so nothing needs replacing.

I have enough books in my stash so there will be NO other books purchased for the year challenge.

The challenge will also encompass using up craft items. I plan to work towards a Hope Chest of sorts, a little old fashioned idea, but it will give me inspiration of making useful and pretty items for my own home. Of course this will include a gift cupboard as well.

I will be keeping my Etsy shop going to hopefully generate funds to put into savings. Each listing is .20 cents and I have enough in my bank card to put up a new listing as needed.  I’ll add one new listing a week.

I have snail mail to send out, the cost of a small letter is usually around $2.75 and I’ve enough in my savings tin to send out letters once a month. I haven’t joined any new craft swaps but if I do the ones I will join in will be in Australia only and the cost can be taken out of the savings tin to send.

There will be no take aways, soft drinks or *gasps* chocolate. Although I live with two others and generally other family members pitch in to buy a take away meal which is when I will allow myself a take away.

I have the cost of a car now and will alot a budget for petrol which will be a necessary spend.

House expenses such as electricity, phone and internet won't be added to this challenge as I will only be going with the money I receive in my hand and budget from that. House expenses are three ways for the people living in the house and we all pitch in with that as needed so I count it as invisible money I don't have. This will be the same for groceries, but I will keep a offline list to see how we are spending as I am not very keen on writing about home expenses for all and sundry to read. Clear as mud? Okay.

This hopefully explains the year long challenge of going without. I’m still working things out but having the main idea written down will help figure the process out for me. So this begins the challenge.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Well I was going to email you Shiralee, as I couldn't find out where to comment but now I can see the comment box. Obviously you have changed your template again. LOL! I am not brave enough as I had a look on the Blogger forum to see if there were any comments about the new templates and some people were having trouble so I might just polish up the one I have when I get around to it. I don't want to lose my sidebar with a change.

    1. Nanna Chel,
      That's why I had to change the format the other format had was giving me trouble accessing my reader pages through profile. Don't be surprised if this one changes too if it gives any trouble. And I like the look of your blog, it works!

  2. An awesome challenge! Sorry to be so long in reading and commenting. I look forward to reading more about it. I have more than I need too..clothes wise and also crafting materials. I need to use them...👌