Saturday, 29 April 2017

Keeping Records

Day 10 living without
The weather was nice today, not as cold has it has been the last few days which was a change. I spent today packing away old letters and journals. I have a couple of journals I think I would like to finish...I usually just add in the date and year and go again from where the old journal finished. It's interesting reading old letters and journals. I wrote in one journal in 2015 to get my learners...I think I can tick that goal off well and truly now that I have my opens.

This is a no spend day

The Art Of Record Keeping

Record keeping of the home has a long history. The art of keeping records have recorded in writings the happenings of many in their daily lives; births, deaths, marriages, all the highs and lows of making a house a home. Journals of the past have included many home events along with items which were purchased and sold. Pages contained well loved collections such as notes, writings, comments, hints and recipes to become mementos of the work effort of past generations.

The art of record keeping is a lost art these days, very few understand it is a helpful tool for all households. Too many are simply saving information on their electronic devices. While these methods are instant way to save information they can be easily lost and can’t be retrieved. Writing, and printing off copies in the long run is a much more suitable method for record keeping.

I find having one working day note book to scribble down information from the internet and later neatly rewrote into a good book helps recording information tidy. It is always worth including the name of the source and checking the validity of the information against other sources. 

Another useful record keeping items is the daily journal, day to day activities and photos can be added in the pages so other family members can read the life of a past generation gone.

Another method of record keeping is letter writing. Keeping letters about the daily lives of a distant friend is also a good way to record what others were doing and how different they are living. 

Printed out pages are also useful these pages can be stored in protective plastic binder sleeves. Make sure these sleeves are acid free. A binder can store a lot of information and the pages can be separated into useful sections devoted to particular things, recipes, and daily life. To do lists can also be added as it is a record of home life for this generation. 

Record keeping is an important item for any home and it does not require anything fancy or expensive. All it requires is the simple act of doing.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. I would be hopeless with keeping a journal up to date, Shiralee. I have tried to keep a diary at times but only last a few weeks :-(

    1. Nanna Chel, I'm not very good at keeping journals up to date either but I do try to finish the book at least :)
      - Shiralee.

  2. How tickled I was to see the letter and card I sent! I keep yours too and try to re-read them before replying. I totally agree with you on technology. I've been keeping a journal off and on for years and briefly thought about just putting it on the computer, but decided it would be best to have the actual written copy. Maybe someday it will mean more to my grandkids if they see it in my own handwriting - even though it's kind of like chicken-scratch! Many blessings to you and yours!