Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Scrappy days

Day 7 living without

With the rain about today it was a good day to stay in doors and work with fabric. I did hand embroidery, finishing up a tea towel. This chicky has had a few changes and now I think the finished item looks very nice using up a scrap piece of fabric I brought a while back in a sale. The purple flowers on the fabric go well with the embroidery. The tea towel is a basic cheap one from our cheap stores. I already have a stash of these so I'm using up what I have.

I also got into the bag of old clothes I have and cut them down. Some I cut down so I can make rag rugs at a later date.

This is a no spend day.

How to prepare fabric to make crochet rag rugs:

The first step is to get your fabric and tear them into strips about 1/2 inch is good. Make sure you cut off all the seams and then cut a nick into the fabric then pull to tear into strips.

To join your strips in a no sew method, fold the top of the strip over and cut a little slit into the fabric. Do this both ends of your strip of fabric.

Your next step is to join the strips of fabric. Where you made the slit into the fabric poke one strip ( strip a) through a second strip of fabric (strip b)  then take the end of strip a back into the slit of strip a, this will forma  loop.

Pull strip a through until a knot forms between strip a and strip b and continue to add fabric strips this way. You will end up with a long length of various fabric joined together.

Then roll the fabric length up into a ball and use this ball of fabric as you would a ball of yarn.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. So you are going to crochet the rugs, Shiralee? Do you find that is a better option than the toothbrush rug method?

    1. Nanna Chel,
      I'll be crocheting the rugs. I like both methods but the toothbrush rug method uses up more fabric because you do need that cord to knot onto. I like the crochet rugs because there's no faffing about with the cord, you just get into crocheting and go.