Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pretty Goods - a tutorial of sorts

For this simple card you will need:
One Card Blank of your choice
Self Adhesive labels
Your photos printed out 2x3 (Wallet size)
Some stickers or papers of your choice to decorate your card
Glue of your choice
Step 1:  Glue your photo to the paper side of the self adhesive label - the side of label you write on. Pay attention to how you are 'cropping' the image to get the best out of your photo. Glue Image to face upwards.
Step 2: Cut the image to the size of the self adhesive label.  (Do not remove the sticky back yet!)
Step 3: Ink around the edges if so desire.
Step 4: Use your photo label to decorate your card with. When you are ready simply peel off the sticky back of the label and stick to your card.
Further Ideas: If you want you can also keep your photo labels for your junk journals and so on. The same approach can also be used to decorate postcards. Scrapbookers could use the photos and fill a whole 12 x12 page maybe with a December Daily theme. If you don't want to use your own photos cut some from magazines.

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