Sunday, 13 July 2014

winter scents

I once read some where the more berries there are on a tree the harsher the winter. And I think this over laden tree with berries is telling us all what we already know, it's cold.

The orange skins and slices that I was drying is now completely dry and I was thinking of something to do with them. I went out to the garden to pick a couple of lavender stalks from our plant for the idea I had in mind.

I made a lavender wand or bottle depending on where you live. The lavender stalks weren't quite long enough for what was needed but it still made up into an attractive bottle once I added a lacy bow and a dried orange slice.
To make the bottle:
Cut lavender. Take away the leaves at the lower stems. At the top tie a string around just under the heads to keep the bunch together. Bend the stalks over the heads, try not to break the stalks. Then take a piece of ribbon or scrap of thin material and weave it starting where the heads are and work your way down the stem. Tie off the ribbon. If you have long stems they look much better for a finish and with silk ribbon they do make a really pretty practical gift because lavender keeps moths at bay in the cupboard. Dried orange is also a natural moth repellent too.
If the scent fades you can give the bottle/wand a drop of essential oil. I would keep the bottles away from wood surfaces or clothes if you are worried about the essential oil staining. Usually they are hung up in the closet so stains shouldn't be a problem.

I'm also working on some vintage potholder gals, using tinting with crayons and embroidery. I think this one is inspired by the lavender bottle colours.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

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